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Clutch Pedal Wear

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The OEM uses a shitty plastic 'bushing' clip to connect the master to the pedal arm and that 'bushing' lasts about a good 3 strokes and then there is metal to metal contact that eventually will turn the post on the pedal arm into a D-shape. This is a chronic issue with the design of the pedal-to-master engagement. Has anyone successfully made a permanent upgrade to this? I have had this fall off in traffic before and it was interesting. I strategically placed a few zip ties to keep it but I'd like a real fix. I'm about to run out of undamaged clutch pedals!

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Damn, I thought I was a hoarder for keeping 2 clutch pedals!

First off, you have to repair the damaged area by welding it back up and grinding it back smooth. After that, I use 3/8” plastic fuel line, which you have to heat it up to get it pliable enough to slide it over the post, but once you do, it should be tight on the post and be just about the right OD to fit inside the rod for the master. Once that is in place, I use a washer on either side of the master pushrod to hold it in place, and then I drill a small hole through the end of the post to slip a cotter pin through. I have done this on 3 clutch pedals so far, and once done, I have never had an issue with them again.
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