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Clutch Pedal Wear

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The OEM uses a shitty plastic 'bushing' clip to connect the master to the pedal arm and that 'bushing' lasts about a good 3 strokes and then there is metal to metal contact that eventually will turn the post on the pedal arm into a D-shape. This is a chronic issue with the design of the pedal-to-master engagement. Has anyone successfully made a permanent upgrade to this? I have had this fall off in traffic before and it was interesting. I strategically placed a few zip ties to keep it but I'd like a real fix. I'm about to run out of undamaged clutch pedals!

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You have well over over a grands worth of clutch pedals there LOL. Following this because I have no idea they had a defect. Don't recall if mine is worn or not, it works fine.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts