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This just started, well, I can't say just started. I checked my codes last night because of the loping wierd start thing that I posted about last week. In my stored codes (KOEO, Continuous Memory) was one for the EGR, code 49 and 30 something. The only one I am really worried about is the 49 (Spark Output (SPOUT) Signal Default To 10°. BDTC (3.0L SHO & 3.8L SC).

The reason why I am worried about it is because last night, I cleared my codes by stopping the test manually during the code test (according to the Haynes manual). I checked again last night after clearing and they were gone!! Cool right?

Wrong, so this morning I go to start her up and at first, when I turn the key to the start position, I here a kind of click, I turn it back and try to start it again and the same thing happens, one more time and she cranks, but,it takes about triple the amount of engine cranks to start. After it starts, it runs like it normally does, shoots up to 1150 and the instantly falls to 850-900 rpm.

I drive to work, no problems with the exception of my piston slap / wrist pin noise, which goes away after a couple of mins of babying her, and shut her down at work. I came back out for lunch and she starts right up! I come back to work and leave at 5pm and this time, it does the same exact thing it did this morning, first with the starter no engaging when key is in the 'start' position, after a couple of time trying, it take about three times as many cranks (engine rotations) to start than usual, basically taking way too many cranks to start. I was wondering if it was going to start at all!

So I get home tonight, the car cools down and at about 8:30pm, after picking my daughter up from church, I decide to run the codes again and sure enough, the code 49 is there, stored in continuous memory after the KOEO test.

BTW, I should note, all other test, KOER, KOEO and cylinder balance test passed with no codes.

So, I am kind of thinking possible bad camshaft position sensor. I have never replaced it in the year that I have had the car. I get no CEL either.

What do you all think?
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