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Coil Compressors

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I want to lower my car but springs and shocks are $. I was wondering if I could use coil compressors to lower my 1994 Bird maybe 1 inch or 2 inches. I was wondering if there will be abnormal accelerated tire wear. Are coil compressors just a waste of money?

Keep Burning out!
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Those coil compressers are crap. If you do that the whole geometry of your front end and back end get all out of whack. Camber-caster will be really off. If you are going to lower your car, do it right. Don't go the cheap way out.
And it puts to much strain on on part of the spring since you just compress
one part of it.. When you drive normally the whole spring flexes...
But when you put one of those on it more of the force is project at the compressed part...

And your spring will break... If your lucky you don't drag your oilpan around on the ground... now THAT'S expensive... 'cause you saved some money a month earlier...
Not worth it.. I agree to what thunderchickin46 said...

Do it the right way and drive safe!

//Per A
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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