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So, I have this bird, garage kept 73k, and I think it never saw anything below freezing.
We had a cold winter and when it was 20 or so it took it several times stay running.
It would start and die, had to hold the gas down some to keep it running.:crying:

Fast forward, now, after running it on a couple of short road trips, it does the same thing but at 60 degrees.
After start up as long as it is warm it is OK.

I saw a thread about long crank times and loss of fuel pressure, and it does take too long to start sometimes. I just wait for the pump to stop and then crank. I cant locate the thread.

I purchased the o rings and pressure regulator, the vacuum one, and a fuel filter from RA, not here yet. Any thing else. plugs and wires are new, changed the oil, at first I thought it was bad gas. I can see that the o rings when hot seal up and when cold leak, that makes sense.

Running real nice otherwise and getting a solid 20mpg, whereas before it was 16-17.

Thanks in advance
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