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Hey all, I've been lurking around these forums for a while, and finally decided to register. I am a long time Tbird and Cougar Fan, and have equally a good level of experience with most area's of these cars.

Recently, my 95' Tbird with the 4.6L V8 had it's MIL turn on. I pulled the codes and it gave me the P1407 code - EGR Valve Stuck/No Flow. Since the car has under 100k miles on it, and has evidently been pretty well taken care of before I purchased it, I decided to try cleaning out the EGR passages first. Also replaced the EVP sensor at the time. After this was done, I cleared the code and had no issues for the next 3 days, then the MIL came back on with the same P1407 code.

Now for the odd part- I use my Actron Scanner to pull the P1407 code, and also to check the I/M Monitors for OBDII, and the EGR and all other systems check out as "Ready" and properly functioning.

Ok--- there is a contradiction and a half.

Only lately has the I/M Monitor picked up that the Catalytic Converter is in "Not Ready" Status; in addition to the P1407 Code. (allthough I/M Monitor still says EGR is "Ready" )

Everything else checks out ok. No other codes, no other I/M Monitor alerts.

Basically, this one has me puzzled as to what could be going on.

Anyone else have a similar issue happen to their own cars?

Thoughts anyone?

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Welcome to the forums. Here's some info from the 1994 Ford PC/ED Manual about the code:

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) 1407 indicates that continuous self-test has detected no EGR flow.

If the fault is currently present, DTC 1408 will be output in Key On Engine Running (KOER) Self-Test.

Possible Causes:
-- EGR valve stuck closed or iced.
-- EGR valve diaphragm leaks.
-- EGR flow path restricted.
-- EGR vacuum hose off, plugged or leaks.
-- EVR VPWR circuit open.
-- EVR circuit to PCM open.
-- EVR circuit to PCM shorted to PWR.
-- DPFE sensor pressure hoses both off.
-- DPFE sensor VREF circuit open.
-- Damaged EVR solenoid.
-- Damaged DPFE sensor.
-- Damaged PCM.

In my experience with the P1407 code, I tested the vacuum on the EGR valve, and found that it wasn't holding a vacuum. I replaced the EGR valve, and haven't had that problem return.
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