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Coolant leak from intake manifold

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I have a leak in my intake manifold between the 2 sending units in the front of the manifold. Is this fixable or does it require a new intake? Any suggestions??
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I assume that you have a 96 or 97 4.6?? If so, the intake has probably cracked & will need replaced. Ford will fix it for free.

You might have to pay for towing, though.
towing is free.
well u have 7 yrs unlimited mileage to have it replaced from waranty start date.
the new intake part# released at the end of last year has the metallic water channel unlike the older replacements.
part # for this intake is F6SZ-9424-AA
and gaskets XW7Z-9439-AA

"Owners of the affected cars are notified that additional coverage for this specific condition is being provided for 7 years from the vehicle's warranty start date (no mileage limitation) and is automatically transferred to subsequent owners"

directly from 97m91
if it is still covered it will be free.:D labor operation M91B i think this should be valid.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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