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Ok this is kind of a weird one. I flushed the coolant system a little while ago on my 1990 tbird and everything was fine. Actually the old coolant was perfect, prob didn’t even need to be changed. I flushed the block, heater core and radiator and everything seemed clean and no block ups. New thermostat with a tiny hole drilled in it to make sure air doesn’t get trapped anywhere. I even checked it in boiling water so it works. New radiator pressure cap also.

I filled it up per the instructions, got the air out of the system etc.

Now the problem: Everything seems fine until the engine starts to get to operating temp. Then both top and bottom radiator hoses get rock hard. At first I thought "o no, head gaskets leaking compression into cooling system." But the more I think about this, shouldn’t all this pressure in the system get pushed to the overflow tank? When I turned the car off and the hoses were all pressured up, I SLOWLY cracked the radiator cap open enough so that the pressure flowed into the overflow tank. But inst that what the radiator cap is supposed to do by itself after it hits 16psi? It looks to be in working condition. Does the same thing with the old cap too.

Also I have no idea if it was doing this prior to flushing the system. I hardly drive this car, its a 3rd vehical. In 2 years I have prob put MAYBE 1000 miles on it.

Anyone ever have a similar symptom?

I really don’t want to dump money into this car because it really is becoming a money pit and I want to sell it anyway but a running car sells for more lol.
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