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Basically my 97 4.6L Cougar overheats.

It will overheat, spill the coolant from the pressure cap, and then cool down and stay cool.

Over a period of time I have changed the thermostat about 3 times. Usually making it so it stays too cool. I think the cool part is that the CCRM is bad. I have one but can't for the life of me find where to swap it. But that is on another thread.

I also changed the upper hose a while back and just Friday changed the water pump.

After that it spilled the coolant and figured out the pressure cap was bad, I was able to blow through it. Changed it.

System was full of coolant, no air this morning.

This time the car stayed cool according to the gauge it got above the second line, probably 155? and would not go any further. Open my door and coolant is spilled from the pressure cap. Upper hose and radiator cold.

While changing the pump I did blow through the hose with cap close and open. Easily blew water out of it.

Any clues?
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