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i've seen a lot of arguments, but no solid data to back it up.....i for one dont know how much HP a series arrangement will "support"......what i do know, is that im running ~10.5:1 compression via PI heads on NPI shortblock, Crower cams, PI intake, and all that good stoff in my sig, and using 0.062" spark plug gap, and have absolutely no spark blow out issues anywhere in the rpm operating range (currently shifting @ 6100-6200) i doubt that my spark is "weak" lol

one guy on MD says he has done several parallel installs with no problems....another says that a DIS 4 box is needed.......someone has to be wrong......but i doubt either one can disprove the other in any way

the only possible problem with parallel wiring is that it will present one-fourth the resistance to the EDIS (whether internal to the EEC or external like in the 94/95s) compared to running stock coil packs or series-wiring of COPs.......there are very few people who would know the actual electrical current limitations of the EDIS system, and the only ones who would, most likely work for SCT

i plan to get a SCT PRP soon and try out the parallel wiring....i have a spare EEC-V, so if i should happen to fry mine at any time, i can flash my spare and go back to series wiring......until then, its up to you to decide what you wanna do.......all i can do, is say that i dont know exactly how much HP i got, but im sure i got "a little" more than stock and have no problems and my car runs like a champ
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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