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Well, after allmost 2 months it's done.

I went to a shop called "B&D Racing" in Canoga Park, Calif.
who's going to do the transplant
they had a core engine from a 98' mustang there from a previous job, they sent the
engine to a place called "JMS Racing Engines" along with a set of 99' PI heads I had brought over earlier for a (Stage I) P/P. I also have the

"AED" Super Charger (9 psi - REV I) runners port matched for heads
custom built (4R70W - on the way) - MM Drive Shaft - and a rear posi carrier.
all from "Dennis Reinhart".......thx, Dennis........

My Question is.................. that when the engine came back (from - JMS)
they had reused the valve covers from the 98' GT...

is this ok?..... or is this going to be a problem? and should I just have them replace them with newer ones...

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