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My check engine light came on recently, so I went buy a code reader. I then found out my 95 lx needs the more expensive one, obviously. But both the OBD II and the Ford harnesses did not fit the port under my glove box. I know its probably something really obvious, but what type of code reader do I need and where might I get one? (Realitively cheap hopefully?) Am I just a retard or has somebody else had this problem?

95 T-Bird LX
flows catback
3" intake
MSD superwires
H&R springs
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What did you buy one for? AutoZone reads em for free.
Just my luck, too. Theres no Autozone where I live.

No Autozone?!?!?!
Time to pick up steaks and move camp!:p
If you have a laptop and some money I would go with this one...
OBD Automotive Diagnostic

I use it and its really easy the software is free and the hard ware only cost me $80.00 at the time.

But it can get really expensive if you don’t have a laptop.;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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