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Denver Airport Questions

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For those that have flown in and out of the Denver airport - got a few questions for you :D

Where are the security checkpoints at? It appears that the flight I'll be coming in on and leaving on are both United flights, and according to the Denver airports website - it covers all of concourse B. I'm just wondering if the arrival gate is on one side, and the departing gate is on the other - still on Coucourse B - if I'll haveta pass through any security or if I'll luck out and not haveta worry about any.

The layover times for the flights I'll be picking are 1hr 6 mins, and 1hr 30 mins. Is that enough time to get from one side to the other? It'll just be me, myself, and I so no little kids or alot of bags to worry about. I'm planning to just have one bag.

And any tips anyone can give me about the airport would be appreciated :D I'll be passing through on Feb 24th and Feb 27th.

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The only security checkpoints that you pass through are at the entrances to the concourses, or as the case is in Denver, leaving the terminal heading north as in your diagram. As you are arriving in "B" and leaving from "B", the only security you will see is actually at the airport you originally flew out from.

Since you are not changing concourses the time you have available is fine. That concourse has 27 gates...It is about 400-500 yards in length.
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