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Who thinks they may actually be able/willing to do a springfield dinner/drag meet?

I'm setting the date as April 18, its a Friday.

We'll be eating at Fish. It's a seafood restaurant and its close to Bass Pro on the way to the track (kind of)
Here's a link to their Menu. There's also a map of where its at on that page. They have some killer drink specials, and i hear their fish and chips is awesome.

Gates open at the strip at 5:30. $8 to watch, $12 to race as many times as you can. rules are on the website, pretty general stuff

Here's a new feature. Maps! LOL.

Heres one showing where Bass Pro is. The "A" on the map is Bass pro. SW corner of Campbell and Sunshine.

Here's where Fish is. 900 E Battlefield Rd.

And here's an Idea of where they relate to each other. The blue dots represent the actual locations.

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