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27years old, wife and kid, English teacher at my school.

Only reason I am posting this is because I had this "man" sophomore year for Writing Composition...AND it ended with me telling him to f*ck off and walking out of the room. He was probably the biggest smart *** and disrespectful sonuva b*tch I had ever met.

I was alone with him in his classroom discussing my grade and he kept harrassing me "Oh brian, what do you want me to say? I'm picking on you?!?" In the most sarcastic voice ever, not even taking the time to listen or respect my opinion. I have only been in hockey fights- it takes a lot to make me angry. I got so close to him and clenched my fists and responded "I do not like smart a$$es". He told me I was getting 'dangerously close' so I said "f*ck you" and walked out.
Mind you...i'm 6'2,225 lbs...he is about 5'8, 90lbs when wet.
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