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This weekend my 94 4.6 goes under the knife. I have a 93 dohc from a Mark VIII that is ready to go. I was wondering if any one has any suggestions to make this swap easier. I know there are few of you out there who have done this conversion.
My major worries are the wiring and the exhaust system. I have the computer and complete wiring harness. If any one can offer advise/ help believe me I can use it.
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Yeah. I put MSD wires on it, Unerdrive Pulleys, Removed the air box and added a huge K&N filter in front of the Mass Air ( which will be changed into a cold air enduction after the engine is in the car). The trottle body tube has been modified to allow better air flow.
Right now I just want to get it in and running. Then I'll chip it and drop 4:10 gears out back. Basically I'm attempting to follow the lincoln motorsports recipe ala
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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