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As most of you know I recently (finally) completed my suspension upgrade that included many new parts.

I’ve put a few hundred miles on it already and I thought I would post my initial impressions.


Tightened Steering: With the improved bushings and all new parts, when I move the steering wheel there is an immediate response from the car. There is no “slop” in the feeling at all. Almost to the point of being too “touchy”, but with time, I’ll get used to it.

Flat Cornering: On a smooth, sweeping corner, I have yet to slide the car. The grip of the Pirelli tires, with the level cornering has greatly improved my cornering speeds. The car seems very balanced and I can only swing out the back end if I’m going slow enough and floor it. (Keep in mind I don’t have a lot of power (shut up Fubarian… :tongue: ), which directly affects the ability to “oversteer” in a corner) (I’m trying not to be too hard on it because I have no subframe connectors (yet). :D )

Ride Height: Strictly from a cosmetic standpoint I think the Eibachs lower the car just the right amount. (IMHO)

Improved Brakes: I went from OEM (non-sport) front disc/rear drum to Cobra 13”F/11.5”R cross drilled and slotted rotors and dual piston calipers on the front. Uh, I’ll just say, “It’s a lot better than it was!!” :D


Bouncy: The progressive rate of the Eibach’s take a little “getting used to”. The first inch or so of suspension travel is soft, but then it seems to “hit” the stiffer rate. So I get a lot of movement for about an inch when going over slight bumps/dips in the road.

Increased Road Noise: With the poly bushings, bigger tires, etc, there is a noticeable amount of road noise transferred into the driver compartment. It is really only noticeable with the windows rolled up and the stereo off. (But as a caveat, I have been driving the LSC for a while, so the “before” and “after” impressions of the T’Bird, may be a little “off”.)

Race Invitations: With the improved stance, it seems like every ricer, Mustang, and Camaro wants to race me now. :mad: I have had more “drive-bys” in the last few days than I have had since I’ve been driving the car… :mad:

My recommendations:
Daily Driver: Go with OEM rubber bushings to decrease the road noise, but use the 1 3/8 sway bars and install subframe connectors.
Spirited Driving: Go with the exact same setup I went with (with subframe connectors). It’s relatively cheap if you shop around, and I think it gives you the best streetable ride, while greatly improving cornering capabilities.
Autocross/Racing: Go with static rate springs, lower profile tires, and for all out racing, possibly solid bushings.

So anyway, to end this novel, I just wanted to share my impressions/opinions for my specific upgrade. Overall, I am very pleased with the upgrade. :D

I hope this helps anyone considering going down the same route I went. :thumbsup:

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I like the Driving impressions thread. :thumbsup: Very nicely done.

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