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there arent alot of pre 87 guys on here i know but there might be someone how needs something, i have an 84 302 cougar that has been laying aournd colecting dust afteer some tranny problem and some electrical nonsense made me give up on it. its gonna be my full time drag car trailer queen once my 96 project is "done" interior is pretty rough but its all going there are a few things left i listed and the body parts i can get in fiberglass are going too

perfect glass, looks polished.
fenders are good
-trunk lid
-tail lights
-those black out headlight things with cougar emblem
-header panel good no cracks in grill
-window motors work perfectly very fast, wiring for seats/windows in center consol is good, center consol not so much.
-steering wheel is in good shape has emblem still
-glove box
-rear seats back and bottom in grey cloth
-rear interior plastic grey, in 100% mint shape

there might be something in here im not seeing if you need something ill take a look
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