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Eating Lt rear wheel bearings

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while changing out the clutch last weekend i noticed that once again my Lt rear wheel bearing was shot, now all of the bushings and rubber are new in the rear end and shes got about a 4in drop in the rear, by the way shes a 89 Cougar converted to stick i dont even want to start in on that nightmare, but back to wheel bearing this is like the 6th time ive changed the bearing, twice for the hub and twice for the whole knuckle thank god for the local recking yard, but the RT side is still good from when i changed 6 years ago, and the alignment was done when i put new tire on last year. I havent seen any other posting about this anywhere i know i cant be the only one killing these, i guess though if it aint broke you aint driving it right
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How are you supporting the knuckle when you press in the new bearings?
the first 6 times i used a platform on a hydraulic press and the last 2 times i just swapped out the whole knuckle with good ones from the wrecking yard and the bearings/hubs were tight when they were installed
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