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I went to take a look at it today. I don't know what his reserve is, but the window has 3,000 OBO. seems to have too many issues to be worth that to me, I really want a SC XR7 but want a 5 speed.

Here are some pictures I took. It has rust in the trunk opening, the grille is held in by wire, the front bumper cover is pretty nasty, the hood fits as horrible as the pictures look, the seat bolster fix is pretty ugly, there is an RCA plug up from the center of the dash mat, the tires are about 10% left, but pretty weather checked.

I think he is counting on the "rare" factor to get anything for it.

But it was a nice drive down on I19, I haven't had the car out on the road for awhile (actually last years meet in Phx) and I forgot how well it rode on the interstate. I would like to have the white grille and the nice and clear headlights for my 89, I like the narrow white body molding versus the wide black I have, and obviously I would like an additional 70 hp!

And to have this instead of the wide black molding!

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