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Yes, I've gone through the "sticky" on clunking suspension...

I've had my Eibach's installed for over a year now, and I have an irritating rattle/clunk that sounds like it's coming from the right rear. I've checked all of the usual suspects, like sway bar end links (I just put in new poly stuff from MN12 performance), there doesn't appear to be any play in the control arm bushings or the bushings where the rear spindle attaches to the control arms. Can't tell if any slop is in the toe links. The differential is mounted with poly pinion end bushings and the rear cover support has been made into one solid piece, so no slop there, either. I put in new front UCA's, upper strut bearing plates, and lower strut arm to LCA bushings. There is no play in the front end bushings, ball joints, or sway bar links that I can tell. I also have new tranny mount and crossmember bushings, courtesy of MN12 performance, as well. The flowmaster catback, while close to hitting the differential and rear LCA mount, really takes a lot of work to make it hit anything, and makes a totaly different sound than what I'm hearing. Next up is poly steering rack bushings tomorrow, retorquing of every bolt in the suspension, and I'm going to check my motor mounts for wear while I have it up on the lift.

I was reading MM&FF last night, and there is an article on putting in Eibach drag launch springs on Mustang platform, I believe it was an SN95. The article mentioned that the Eibach's have to be installed with the spring end in a specific location, or the ride height will be AFU. I didn't notice any spring isolators being used, like we do on the MN12's. I did use new spring isolators, but I don't recall any indication that the spring ends needed to be located any special way. It looked like the spring isolators would take care of that. My ride height is even all the way around.

Does anyone know if the spring ends need to be in a specific location or not on MN12's? Any other ideas?
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