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Bought a 97 Mark IIIV about a month ago. All was good till tonight. Driving on the hiway about two hours from home all of a sudden the lights go out. Like all the lights, headlights, park lights, dash lights, Heater stops working, no interior lights. Also the speedo and tach stop working, power tilt stopped working. Bunch of warning lights come on. Signal lights would not work on the front but worked on the rear with out the flasher ticking noise. I figured the alternator went bad, and decided to make my way home and see how far I would get. about a half hour later the headlights came back but nothing else. It made it the two hours home. I thought that strange if the alternator died. Also noticed a rotton smell from the front of the car like the battery overcharging. The battery cable were to hot to touch and the battery was bubbling. I replaced the battery with the one from my T-bird and started the car. Checked the voltage with a DVOM and was surprised to see almost 17 volts. All the lights and everything else working ok after I changed the battery.
Now my question is this. Does anybody know if the Alternator on the Marks has an internal voltage regulator or is it controlled by the pcm or other module??

Thanks for any input.
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