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I want to install an electric fan to free up some ponies on my 89 LS.

I'm trying to decide what to do:

-get a late model T-Bird/Cougar electric fan and install

-get a Flex-a-Lite Electra Fan II
-If I do this, which model should I get?
-The model 30 has the A/C Relay, but how does it mount??
-The model 40 has a mounting bracket, but will it work?

Also, do the Flex-a-Lite fans install easy. I don't know exactly where to connect these for the A/C turn on.

The other thing is --- How much power will this free up?? Is it better than underdrive pullies?

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it was recommended to me by someone on here, i can't remember who to get the flex-a-lite black magic model 150.

here is a e-mail i sent to flex-a-lite an their response.

---I have an '89 LX Thunderbird 3.8 EFI. I would like to change to an electric fan. Which would you recommend? Another bird owner with a '92 used the Black Magic 150 kit. I see some specified if its a pull or push. Which is the 150? Thanks for your time.----

--response---The 150 which is a puller fan would work very well for the application.Thank you.Dave

i think they were about $200 summit. jegs any place like that carries them.
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