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Not sure what section to put this in, but figured it is sort of like body work (fiberglass) so put it here...

I finally picked up another beauty cover for my '94 Mark VIII and was thinking of an idea to see if I can screw this one up too!

My idea was to use just the rear portion of the cover (wiper cowl side) and round off the edge where it connects to the other half and paint it body color like the air intake is already on my car. Maybe graft in the Mark VIII words on the right side? It would cover the ugly stuff in there and show off the Taylor wires and alternator in there!?!

I guess the biggest question I have is, does anyone know what material would be best for making the new 'edge/lip' or grafting in pieces? Will fiberglass 'stick' to the cover and will it last under the hood (temps?)

Thanks for any suggestions and tips for helping with my winter project (well, one of many!)
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