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Earlier this year I turned my parents down for getting me a new car and to keep my '95 Thundbird. It has a stock 4.6L V8 in my car. It does ok for just driving but I want to make it fast. I'm able to spend 500 a month on the car from what I get paid so I'm looking for some cheap mods. Without luck I've been trying to find a K&N kit that has the bracket to put a cone filter on. I can't find the proper thing with the mounting hardware for the filter and the air temp sensor. Anyone know where to get it or what specifically to get? Or maybe have any other suggestions for modifications to my car? For exterior I'm considering getting a cowl hood and then getting it painted but that will be down the road sometime. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

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I'll go by number of months to save and the mod:

One month :
dual exhaust
SCT chip
jerry mod
New maf
New TB
New cams

2-3 months:
02 PI motor
rear end
wheels/paint/body etc

The search button is your friend. There is a ton of info on simple mods.

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Well, for now you can ditch the air silencer, it's free to do so, and it'll open up your intake a bit and give it a nice sound. Then you could also cut off your mufflers and that'll drop a few pounds and give ya some sound also. Afterwards, save your money, get a K&N intake kit of your choice,replace that ever-so-restrictive "violin case" intake you have now. Add a larger MAF and TB. Then, maybe a PI manifold or better yet PI manifold with PI heads and cams. Just kind of work your way thru the motor. When you're done or while you're at it, do the J-Mod and add a tranny cooler. Once you get the motor how you want it, get an SCT chip/reburn so everything works together.

Those are just some ideas I came up with, do whatever you wanna do.

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Custom True Dual Exhaust would be well under $500
Mark VIII converter is around $200
LMAF is on sale for $109 from Dan Newman
SCT Custom tuning is around $350
Gears are around $180
New Trac-Lock is $299
Install Kit is $100
Driveshaft can run from $250-$600 depending
Get a '98+ tranny for less than $500
JMod and tranny cooler with Tranny fluid is around $120
PI engine swap will cost around $1800
Underdrive Pulleys are around $160
Kooks headers for around $600
Nitrous for $550
You can find nice 17" wheels for around $500
Then add tires the next month
Addco Swaybars are around $140 each
Koni Adjustable Shocks are $520
Choose your favorite spring for around $250
13" Front Brake upgrade is around $550
Complete bushings are around $500
You can almost get all of JL's chassis braces for $500

The possibilities are endless.........

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I have a K&N with the brackets for sale in the for sale section check it out

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