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alrighty. After driving the car for about an hour or so the idle will become really rough, but only at idle. And it nearly dies, fluctuating from 300-700 huffin and puffin. If I put my foot on the brake and gas it a little it's fine. Now this leads me to think it's the IAC. But then, sometimes the acceleration is weird too. I'll be on the highway in OD or in town in 3rd and if I give it half throttle the RPM will climb upto about 2200 and just stay there, it doesn't accelerate at ALL. if I give it a bit more gas the RPM still stays at 2200 and nothing happens. If I floor it then it'll downshift and be fine for a few minutes, then do it again. This also only happens after an hour or so of driving it.

I got my engine codes pulled today and got 3. Here they are:

P1131 - bank 1, sensor 1 indicates lean
P1151 - bank 2, sensor 1 indicates lean
P0133 - bank 1, heater circuit

So my thoughts are, the heater wire on the bank 1 o2 sensor is bare or something somewhere on the wiring harness. And maybe the IAC is bad too? Give me your thoughts. All are appreciated. Thanks guys.

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