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(See recent posts for more informaiton on how I got to this point).

In short: I recently swapped a 2004 4.6 into the car and finally got Dallas Mustang to put the newer intake on instaed of the '95. It ran fine when Ipicked it up but the next day showed a CEL. The car idled very rough. I unplugged the hose form the EGR and it would run fine.

I looked but could not find an EGR regulator. Today they hooked one up and it idles fine they say. Just that the CEL is still on as they cannot determine what electrical plug if any to hook up to the regulator.

Can someone who has experience swapping over a '95 to a newer engine help out with what plug to use with the regulator (Where it would be located etc.)?

I've looked in the manuals and cannot find anything showing what vacuum tubes go to the pressure regulator let alone what connection plugs in to it. Can someone post a picture of how their swapped in engine is set up with this?

Help is greatly appreciated
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