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ok, i've already looked around, and i've read that replaceing the evap control valve and sensor should fix the problem, but alot of ppl have also mentioned vacuum problems relating to it, so.. well, heres my problem:

first, the check engine light is on, bringing up that error code, but then second my car likes to act really weird when i give it just the right amount of throttle, i dont know how to describe it in any other way then it just bucks, like it jumps to like 1600 rpms, then back down to around 1100, and it does this repeatedly shaking the whole car. At first i thought this was my transmission (it first started this after one day it slipped outta first then caught at like 3000rpms) but i've noticed it does this worse on humid days then it does on dry days, so i was begining to think vaccum, but i'm fairly ignorant on vaccum, and how it is setup/works... any info would be great!


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Here is a "copy and paste" from the 1995 T-Bird/Cougar Shop manual

Continuous Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1443 indicates an Evaporative System Purge Control Valve Flow malfunction.

Possible causes:

-- Obstructed, open or cracked hoses between CANP solenoid and intake manifold.

-- Damaged CANP solenoid.

-- Damaged PF sensor.

l Key off.

l Disconnect PF sensor. Inspect for pushed out or bent PF SIG, VPWR or PWR GND pins on mating connectors. Pull moderately on the PF SIG, VPWR and PWR GND wires at the PF sensor vehicle harness connector. Service pushed out, loose, bent or broken terminals as necessary.

l Disconnect PCM. Inspect for damaged or pushed out pins, corrosion, loose wires, etc. Service as necessary.

l Install breakout box, connect PCM to breakout box.

l Install DVOM to the breakout box.

l Key on, engine running.

l Measure the voltage between Test Pin 11 (PF SIG) and Test Pin 24 or 103 (PWR GND) at the breakout box.

l Does the voltage fluctuate either around 2.50 volts or 1.00 volts in one minute?

For voltage from 2.20 to 2.60 volts:
GO to «HW16».
For voltage from 0.90 to 1.10 volts:
GO to «HW17».

GO to «HW6».
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