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I have used the search function and read 100s of posts about exhaust and have come to the following conclusions for a 300-350rwhp goal on my 94 5 speed:

1) Ported Exhaust Manifolds are adequate.
2) 2.25 inch is good for sealing at the manifolds.
3) Hi-Flow cats do not hurt performance and keep you legal.
4) 2.5 inch true dual or 3 inch center section is adequate.
5) Use stainless throughout.
6) Borla or Magnaflow for mufflers & resonator.

The question I have is regarding downpipes. I have ordered the Magnoflow kit from Summit Racing:

The piping on these are 2". DD said that this and the Magnaflow cat back are good to 300rwhp. Is that the limit for this system?

Should I return these parts given my goals and wait for Mandrel Exhaust Systems to make the downtubes as mentioned on Regul8tr's thread on SCCOA

or will the Magnaflow kit suffice?

If these parts will work what is the best way to mate to the true dual exhaust currently available for MES while keeping the 3rd cat?

Would a resonator off the 3rd cat give me the effects of an x pipe? Or just add a Y to the ball section?

Your opinions would help a lot.

Thank you

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