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Exhaust Question

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How's it going, to start with I removed the third cat and want to know how it would sound with the factory resonator and straight exhaust all the way back (no mufflers) ......has anybody done this?
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Just cut your mufflers off and see how it sounds. If you don't like it have someone weld it back on for $20 or $30.
I'm running a straight pipe back from the third cat now and it sounds like hell. Wanted to put the resonator back on and see if I can get rid of the resonance in the car. Kinda on a tight budget too. I had a flowmaster cat back and it rotted out they are prone to do:(
Umm straights from the cat back? Drone like HELL. You'll like it for 5 minutes. Then it will get old. Sounds like a damn bumble bee on the road. Sounds pretty sad if you got a V8 under there and sounds like some kids rice burner.
I agree.... Iput the factory resonator on and the factory pipe from the res back with no mufflers it sounds a good bit better (not as much drone in the car) than it did before but not exactly how i would like. The flow of money was the biggest factor. Sounds a little like wasps instead of bees;)

Thanks for the input
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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