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Hey guys, since getting rid of my Tbirds and Mark 8 and picking up a 04 Mustang GT, I havent been on here much at all.

But now I come back to my stopming grounds to ask some opinions. I'm looking for something different for my car.

Current setup:
-Stock manifolds (not changing)
-Catless X pipe (MAYBE add cats)
-Magnaflow catback with regular mufflers, not magnapacks

My list of things I DO NOT WANT:
-raspy/poppy/sloppy sounding exhaust
-interior drone where I want to jump out of the car on the highway (I cruise 70mph...little less then 2000rpm)
-flowmaster 40/44's....heard the drone sucks and EVERYONE goes with flows.
-SLP/glasspack types are VERY loud with catless x pipe and not my thing.
-Bassani/Corsa are $$$$ and I don't want to change my exhaust THAT badly lol

I'm on a mustang forum, but everyone goes with flowmasters or SLP's or has Long Tubes etc. I want a more refined,can be loud, but no to minimal drone. So I came here to see what you guys may suggest for the mufflers you guys run on your V8's.

Ive heard of people liking the Full Boar/Jones exhaust mufflers. And I know all you like the DI/DO magnaflow..but that is useless to me lol.

My list of contenders:
-Magnapacks (not as raspy as SLP LM1's or 2's or a Dynomax Bullet)
-Full Boar (no idea what model)
-Flowmaster 50's (not as common as the 40/44's and less of a hollow tin can sound)

I'm open to any and all suggestions to what people have heard, and of course I'm not looking to drop a lot of money on this.


my car now:
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