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I felt I needed to let others know what I found out about swapping a 94-95 Cougar/Thunderbird V6 single exhaust with a V8 dual end exhaust.

The systems are the same length and make but the pipe diameter is different. Though the swap is simple, you will need to make one adjustment at the Y-pipe to exhaust connection. This involves no cutting or mangling of the V8 exhaust. *Note - When acquiring the V8 exhaust system make sure to get ALL hardware that goes with it!

The V6 pipe is roughly 1 15/16" Out Side Diameter (OD) and the V8 Inside Diameter (ID) is roughly 2". When you tighten the V8 flange to the V6 Y connector, the flange seats completely against the Y connector end which pulls the V8 exhaust system forward and the mufflers hit the rear sway bar and inside fender wells. This causes rattling as if the car was falling apart.

To alleviate this, cut off the flared end of the V6 pipe that connects to the Y connector and include the flange (about 4" - 5" before a bend occurs). Slide the V6 cut piece along with the flange into the V8 end, replace the mounting bolts on the Y connector with longer but equal thread of the OEM bolts and mount it all together. This creates a sealed connection to the end of the Y connector as well as extending the length between the Y Connector mount and the V8 exhaust mount eliminating the stretch of the V8 exhaust system.

I was going to cut the V8 exhaust and place an extension in the pipe to extend it, but this way, there is no need to cut the pipe and costs only the longer studs (which I happened to have in a can of bolts on the shelf). I hope this helps others that may want to do this. I also found out that the single exhaust muffler that I replaced only 3years ago was shot inside. Turns out that I needed to replace the muffler anyway. The muffler I bought 3 years ago cost $70 from eBay. This dual exhaust system I put in cost $40 from the junk yard.

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