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I would start by removing a resonator. It will make a deeper sound. If you don't like the sound, just have the resonator reinstalled, or get the magnaflow unit. The high flowing Magnaflow resonator will lower the highway drone and your ears will thank you. Or another possibility that would cure you're problem of the resonator hanging too low is replace it with a straight-through design glass packs. I don't know yet but I've heard that removing the cats will give you a deeper tone too.

The stock resonator offers some backpressure but even more backpressure comes from the front catalytic converters. The 2" downtube pipe is compression bent which causes poor flow through the "S" bends. If you are serious about increasing the flow and reducing the backpressure you have to use mandrel bent pipe and a straight through resonator. If you remove the resonator I will guarentee you that your exhaust will have a big resonance at highway speeds.It've often seen being referred to as sounding like a "pissed-off hornet bottle". I do not know if that problem would exist with a before mentioned resonator or not. Your buddies Honda with it's 5" chrome tipped muffler will sound better!

What size to use for what horse power?? Click here.

Replacing the resonator with a straight pipe, has absolutely no effect on emissions. The purpose of the resonator is to quiet the exhaust, or so I've been told by numerous sources, which in turn, also slows the exhaust adding some more in turn pressure in the exhaust.

From what I've been told, there will be an increase in power, especially on an SC. For every pound of backpressure you free, your also freeing up about 2-3 HP for each freed pound. I honestly do not know how much backpressure this relieves, but say for example, if it relieves 3 at WOT, that would be good 10 HP, although, once again, I have NO idea how much backpressure it will free, but I'd bet at least 5 HP gain at a bare minimum.

If you want increased performance install the MN12 Performance MagnaflowES110 system which will replace your front exhaust section from the resonator to the exhaust manifolds. Install the Dynomax cat-back system and you will have a exhaust system that flows and sounds great. Now for the people who really want more sound with increased flow install straight pipes in place of the rear mufflers or go for the Flowmaster.

Here is an example of an average setup:

- Removal of the resonator and everything back. Installation a 3" pipe to just past the differential then split into 2, 2.5" pipes and differential to the rear bumper.(It sounds real good and loud in the 1500-2000 rpm range at 45-65 mph. Slower than that speed or faster it was fine.)

- The installation of Dynamo muffler took care of the noise at 45-65 mph. Low end torque also feels better with the Dynomax installed. Dynomax mufflers sound more like a stock mufflers, just a little bit louder.
- With the installation of the Flowmaster mufflers, you will hear the resonance at 1500-2000 rpm. If you like the big sound, it should be the perfect setup.

MAGNAFLOW resonator

Well here is a bit of info for you. Flowmaster (1-800-544-4761) doesn't make resonators. The part number for the replacement "flow through" MagnaFlow resonator is (#12588).

Here is more INFO:

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