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explorer engine

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will you buy a 03/04 pi explorer engine with 60-80 k miles and drop in your car?

or lower mileage is prefered or not neccessary?

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depends on how much and if theres a warranty.

there are plenty of low mileage engines out there. mine has 17k on it
I have pulled apart (2) 60,000 motors with zero wear on the block, but seized rod and main bearings. It all depends on how well they were taken care of IMHO.
now i found couple with 30-40k 03/04 for about 1000-1300 are those still a good deal or not?

Casper said:
now i found couple with 30-40k 03/04 for about 1000-1300 are those still a good deal or not?

Shoot me a PM with the exact quote you got, and who you got it from.

I think I can beat it by a few bucks.

pm sent.
Where can you find the explorer motor? Do you drop in the entire motor? Intake and everything or swap out intakes? Are the heads like the Mustang heads or do they flow better?
well you have to swap the timing chain cover, and depending on the year of the explorer, might have to reroute some heater hoses.....but if its a 94/95 Tbird/Cougar, then there is definitely more work to do with the fuel system compared to a 96/97....the heads are the same as any 99-04 mustang, PI
just wondered, other than electronics, 02 explorer engine is same as the 03/04 right?

sal329, the motor can be found at
02-04 are all the same, but the 04 does have a drive by wire electronic throttle body so you would have to swap over your 96+ plenum and throtte body so you can re-use your throttle cable.

this is the 04 plenum that was on my 04 block:
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thanks for the info porkchop.

for the upper plenum i'll be using mine accufab unit.

now is just to locating the motor.

it's the 05 motor that switch over to 3 valve right?

is the 3 valve engine vin number still W or something else now?

1 more question

should i pick a cam first or torque converter first?

which cam is nice for this engine? going to stay na indefinitely. how high stall converter suit this combo? already have 3.73 outback and will stick to it.

is the crank support brace/cap worth the money?

what choice do i have regarding upgrade oil pump?
is the cop that much superior over our regular coil pack setup?
ur coilpacks are just fine, theres no real need to go to COP unless u wanna to clean up the engine bay a bit, and dont mind the extra wiring.... Ur stock coilpacks should be plenty for that motor, or even if u put a blower on it.
I would pick out a cam first. You're swapping in a PI motor, so see what everyone is using for PI motor aftermarket cams. Comp 262's, Comp 270's, Crower Stage 2 NA Hi-lift Cams, etc.
If you have a winter car, shoot for a 3500-3800 stall TC.
I wouldn't be adding aftermarket cams and a 3500+ stall TC if you plan on it seeing snow.

If you really wanted to make it sweet, install the motor + cams and put it on the dyno, let Lonnie/Darrin see your hp/tq curves, and have them make a tune, and let Alan see your dyno charts to determine the TC. has a lot of great information, but there are a lot more idiots over there, so watch out. Search over there.
i rather hang out at modulardepot than

the dyno shop here have sweet engine dyno machine but the thing is they don't know much about ford modular. they are great with gm or chevy and ford carburated motor but not with electronic stuff for ford modular unless there are stuff that i can tell them to make it to work.

lots of people have high regards for comp cams 262 and 270 and also vt stage 2 but couldn't find much info about crower stage 2. also don't know which one will need valve relieve cut for piston.

my goal is to have the highest hp combo for cams without tearing into the head. stronger valvespring will be install as well.

is it impossible to drive in the snow with bigger cam and that high of a tc stall?
not impossible you'd just have to drive with your big toe and snow tires
can look for second car if need to be. just wanted to maximize potential.

any idea?

difference between comp cams and crower?

how to choose?
Crower is.... supposed to be better quality IMO. They cost a lil bit more.
Obucina has a bad experience with comp, but he's the only one i've heard of.
Talk to Greenbird or JL or KDanner about your cam choice...tell them your objectives and goals... they will put you in the right direction.
Casper said:
will you buy a 03/04 pi explorer engine with 60-80 k miles and drop in your car?

or lower mileage is prefered or not neccessary?

werent you doing a 32V swap?
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