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ok i need 2 be able to hear my car is a v8 now what would sound better straight pipes and taking out all 3 cats and resinator. or having them do a setup like the one speedfreak has. or would i be better of with the flowmaster catback system. BTW i dont have emmision testing in michigan :D
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about that Shelby GT500...could you post some pics of that bad boy for the rest of us? :D
Well, I left my 2 cats in, had them chop off the resonator. Ran 2 1/2 inch pipe to the
2 Flowmaster 40 series dynaflows with 6 inch tips just to drop it under the bumper. I can set off car alarms when I drive thru a parking lot. (At 10-15mph, they must be ultra sensitive) But its still a nice feeling driving by parked cars and hearing the alarms.
No emissions....sweet

I had Dans( on my Mark VIII and that system is awesome.The bends are beautiful and the pipe is high quality.It is going on my 96 T-Bird here shortly.It is a true dual set up while I think the Flowmaster is 2 into 1 and back into 2,correct me if I am wrong.The true dual set up is there for a purpose,better and more flow.Now you can add any muffler you want to this system,that all depends on how you want the car to sound.
Good Luck,
well, i just found mine again, i posted it on the old boards a while ago, but ill post it again here. the smoke is from the cold weather, not engine failure.

video size should be about 10MB, if its not when you dl it then the dl failed or i havent finished uploading it :D
Sweet J-Rob...

But that was just at basically at idile,you need to stand on that gas pedal.I should be getting mine done soon and I will try to put a sound byte on here.I will be running Dans pipes,twin LMS X-pipes and LMS Ultra Flow mufflers.Sounded sweet on my Mark so I hope it sounds just as good if not better on my 96.
Nice sound J-Rob,
sorry you will have to copy and paste into your browser. i hate geocities

there you go i have some of the stang but its not on the web
im in the process of picking up a new web server geocities suck lol
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you cannot link to geocities pictures, they wont load
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