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Does anyone know anything about this daytime running lights kit, F6SZ-13B218-AA, to add daytime running lights to a vehicle NOT originally equipped with them? Will this allow me to have daytime running lights (in other words, headlights illuminated with the key in the on position, but WITHOUT the headlight switch in the on position) on my 1997 T-Bird?

I'm interested in getting daytime running lights, if possible, since I installed my new stereo. I drive with my headlights on at all times, day or night (out of habit & for safety), and have done so for years and years. My new radio is much brighter in sunlight than the Kenwood I just replaced, but still, I'd like the headlights on without dimming the radio display. It's hooked into the vehicle's lighting circuit, and it dims when the headlamps, or even just the parking lamps, are turned on. That's VERY necessary, as the radio is kinda bright at night, even though it's dimmed.

Any info on that kit would be appreciated. I found someone selling a NOS piece.


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