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"Oh my GOD look at your bumper" -after my dyno runs

"Where's your hood?" -while looking at Ron's SHO..

"RON'S GOT FOUR DOORS, QUICK GET IN!!!" -In the pouring rain..

"Anyone got a screwdriver"

"I lost my screwdriver again"

"****, I locked the screwdriver in the car"

"Clunk" Evan hits his head..

"So, do you have trouble going through Airport Security with all those piercings" -Directed to Michele's daughter..

"Slow down I only have one windshield wiper"

"Clunk" -Evan hits his head on something again..


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Yea, what about...
"We better get these tires changed now!"
Did anyone get a photo of that? that would be priceless!...pouring rain!
Thank god for fellow t-bird guys( changing tires, before we floated away)
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