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Hey, everyone list your favorite bands or songs to listen to while driving your Tbird or Coug'! Since I started the thread, I might as well go first. :wavey:

Rock= 311, Disturbed, The Crystal Method, Theory of a Deadman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anchondo, Sublime, The Urge
Rap= DMX, Tech n9ne, Nelly, Snoop Dogg :zwall:

Cant think of any more right now.

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in my 12-disc changer right now:
1.) Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll
2.) Metallica - Master of Puppets
3.) Rancid - Indestructible
4.) Rammstein - Reise Reise
5.) Metallica - Black
6.) The Offspring - Americana
7.) AC/DC - Live
8.) Kiss - Greatest Kiss
9.) A Classic Rock Mix
10.) Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
11.) Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti Disc One
12.) Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

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fuel - sunburn - one of my most favoritest cd's ever made. bittersweet is a great racing song.

blink182 is my most favoritest band ever. i love playing their music, its easy and fun to play. though im going to miss them, delong is being a ***, travis and mark(my idol) still kick *** though.

DJ Encore - See right Through to You - is my most favorite song ever. its trance, so most of you old fogies prolly dont like it, its prolly the first trance song i heard, and its what got me into it. i listen to all day long now(online techno/trance/house station).

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here's my top 20 in metal/progressive metal/rock

1. ozzy
2. iron maiden
3. queensryche
4. fates warning
5. korn
6. dio
7. nirvana
8. metallica
9. black sabbath
10. ac/dc
11. yngwie malmsteen(sp?)
12. def leppard
13. trapt
14. unearth
15. sepultura
16. megadeth
17. rob zombie/white zombie
18. blue oyster cult
19. evanescence
20. disturbed

top 20 in techno/trance/electronica

1. juno reactor
2. space tribe
3. paul oakenfold
4. gms
5. divornium
6. chemical brothers
7. sun project
8. astral projection
9. infected mushroom
10. deepsky
11. firewall
12. mara
13. luzon
14. junkie xl.
15. dj tiesto
16. dj micro
17. fallout boy
18. dust brothers
19. morphem
20. inflated troll

top 20 in rap and r&b

1. tupac
2. cypress hill
3. screwston
4. swisha house
5. 3-6 mafia
6. bone thugs
7. snoop dogg
8. dr. dre
9. lil jon
10. ruff ryders
11. g-unit
12. jay-z
13. juvenile
14. master p
15. lil flip
16. lil keke
17. nwa
18. big moe
19. dead prez
20. obie trice

i got a lot more but these are the ones i listen to the most.

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In my 12 dics changer:

Rock Hits of the 70's (Misc. Artists)
Rock Hits of the 80's (Misc. Artists)
Queen Greatest Hits Disc 1
Queen Greatest Hits Disc 2
Aqua Aquarium
Styx Greatest Hits
Kiss Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits
Rock This Way (Misc. Artists)
The Very Best Prince
Car Tunes Vol 1 (60’s “Automotive” Rock)
Car Tunes Vol 2 (60’s “Automotive” Rock)
AC/DC Hells Bells

I usually just leave the player on “Random” and drive along. :thumbsup:

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Self - I believe most of their stuff is out of print now but I've been listening to them for years. They had a song in the first Shrek movie.

Self Downloads Probably a hundred or more Self songs. Go to radio singles and check out So Low, Meg Ryan, and Trunk Fulla Amps Motherf*****.

I reccomend that everybody go pick up a Bare Jr. album. Boo-tay is the best. The two listed under Bare Jr. are more rock oriented and Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals Starvation League leans more toward country. His father is country singer Bobby Bare.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
G Love and Special Sauce
RL Burnside
Beach Boys Pet Sounds is the greatest rock album ever made

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Some of my favorites that people might have heard of:
Linkin Park, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks (i listen to a lot of country when i work on cars), Maynard, TSO, The Blues Brothers, Blues Traveler, Cream, CCR, Clapton, Eagles,

My favorites that people probably haven't heard of:
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Victor Wooten, Glass Halo (local band, [email protected] good though)

Favorite Comedians (I listen to comedy as much as I do music):
Carlin, Mencia, Jackie Martling, the Blue Collar guys, Lewis Black, Mitch Hedburg, Pablo Francisco, Tom Lehrer, Redd Foxx

Basically, I like to listen to anything so long as it isn't crappy pop, rap, or whiny country.

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Frank Zappa
Led Zeppelin
Tenacious D
Tom Petty
Bad Company
Smashing pumpkins
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Steve Miller Band
Anything Hendrix
The Who
EDIT: Forgot CCR, they own so hard. Plus I'm in a band, might have some sound clips up in a month or so.....
Currently my favorites are Tenacious D, Frank Zappa, and Hendrix.

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STATIC-X, slipknot, NIN, thousand foot krutch, Korn, ramstien, relient k, sum 41, offspring any techno, some rap.

basicly to shorten this up, im really diverse when it comes to my music

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Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen

...jeez I feel out of place here listing that after all the other stuff people listed....what can I say? I'm behind the times, musically, :D oh well.

But also I listen to...

A lot of other stuff.....mostly rock from the 70s/80s (metal/hair bands) and country from the 70s/80s

I would list, but I'm tired

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The following see normal rotation through my car stereo:

The Used
Dane Cook (Silly B!tch)
Bayside (R.I.P. Beatz)
Hawthorne Heights
Fall Out Boy
Boys Night Out
Panic at the Disco
Taking Back Sunday
Funeral for a Friend
Bury your Dead
30 Seconds to Mars
The Black Maria
Between the Buried and Me
Bullett For My Valentine
L.A. Guns
Death By Stereo
Kid Dynamite
Sinai Beach
Nodes of Ranvier
Smashing Pumpkins

For when the ladies are riding shotgun:
Straylight Run
Jack Johnson

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chorizon said:
here's my top 20 in metal/progressive metal/rock

11. yngwie malmsteen(sp?)

yea you spelled it right :thumbsup:

download "Baroque & Roll" and tell me if that song doesnt make you wanna drive fast :)
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