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I have a stream on my property that appears to have a dozen or more smallmouth bass in it. Right now they are spawning so I get to watch the males do their spirals in their nests. Pretty neat to watch.

So I've been feeding them scraps (chicken, hot dogs, worms, grubs, etc.) but they really don't seem to like them. They "hit it" when it hits the water, but then spit it out. (Best luck has been with nightcrawlers). I just like watching them... and after I fatten them up.... Mmmmmmm breaded/fried smallmouth bass.... :D

Anyway, I did some research to see what they eat the most: Crawfish and Hellgramites.

Um, no wonder they like them... Check out these prices (And boy are these people are PROUD of these things!!!):

Live bait size crawfish = $3.49/lb with a minimum order of 20 lbs!!!! PLUS $4.25/lb PLUS Overnight Next Day Air shipping!!!! Total: $155!!!!

100 live Hellgrammites = $130 PLUS Overnight Next Day Air shipping!!!! Which is $145!!!!!! Total: $275

They are going to get fed crickets and worms. :D
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