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I have a few parts i need to get rid of. All are best offer, shipping will be actual cost. All 3.8 parts are from the original motor from my 91 Cougar

3.8 NA Upper Plenum w/ TB

3.8 NA Auto Trans Seperator plate.

3.8 NA Flexplate

Carter AFB carb. CFM unknown, i think its a 600, not sure, will need rebuilt.

Alternator for 91 3.8 NA. Works great, but wouldnt keep up with my Mark VIII fan, upgraded to 3G. Its a 75Amp

Iron 7.5 Pumpkin with 3.27 open diff. Needs seals, otherwise functional, bushings not included.

Front Bumper for 2003 base Ford Ranger. Steel Black

3.8 NA Intake tube including air box and MAF, couldnt tell ya if the MAF is still good.

Stock Air Box and tube from 03 Ranger 3.0. No MAF

I'm sure there's more, i'll keep adding to the list as i remember.
I'm selling all this stuff cuz i dont need it and its taking up space. Also I'm b/w jobs and need all the spare money i can muster :) would rather not ship the pumpkin or the bumber, but could if the price was right.

Thanks for looking
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