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Didn't have the (T'bird) turnout that I was hoping for but had a great time. Present were Warlockguitar (thanks for making the trip as well as the ride in that monster), Embassy and myself. A few other friends came - thanks to them for coming out as well. Hopefully when we meet again, we'll get a chance to see the other members again - for some it will be the first time meeting. Sorry you guys couldn't make it out.

Warlockguitar's '96 monster of a Bird

Same view but tilted

Gratuitous 4.6 badge

The heart behind the 4.6 badge

The "guts"

Embassy's crazy clean Crown Vic/Police Interceptor

The heart of the CV/PI

Unherd's "T" ride

Need rims bad!

The heart of Unherd's Bird

Unherd and Warlockguitar

Twin "Pearls"

The search party drafted for the other members that didn't show. :D J/K

Video clip of Warlockguitar's exhaust - blipping the throttle (in cabin)
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