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Searching for an hour on the net is giving me no results. So I have no choice but to make a thread and ask you guys for help.

Heres what I'm after...

I accidentally left the resin container open a little bit for about 5 months and now it got thicker (about twice as thick) the resin still mixes ok with the hardener, and it still hardens but its taking 3 times longer. I'm trying to make a hot batch because its chilly outside but its not heating up like normal. I think its because its not mixing properly.

Can I make the resin thinner? So I don't have to spend 140 bucks for another 5 gallons. Or did the resin just go bad from exposure to the air.

The resin I'm told (by the guy who sells it to me) is top quality resin. Its still clean no dust is in it, I keep it in a locker so it stays safe, dry and dark.
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