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Took me a while to get all the parts and such, but finally did it last Saturday. It went well, no problems or anything. Actually only took about 4 hours. Pretty easy mod if you just follow instructions. I actually think messing with the tranny cooler was harder than the tranny

So I take her for a spin after letting it run and checking for leaks and it is awesome!! I get a huge bark from the 1-2. All I can say is that it's a nice firm shift ;) .

Now some of my disappointments....

Before I did the mod I had some tranny woes. Nothing big, just annoying little things. Like when it shifted into 3rd the car would kinda jerk back and forth a little with the rpm's slightly going up and down to. I was figuring it was a broken spring, but it wasn't. Also when going about 30mph and you give it a little throttle, it would do that same thing. So after the mod that crap is still there, but not as bad. Kinda disappointed at that. I am guessing it is the TC. I can feel the locking and unlocking of it alot (before and after the mod). Is that normal? Like when driving at a steady speed about 35 I will give it like 1/8 throttle and the rpm's will raise like 100, then out of no where (like 10 seconds later) with the same amount of throttle pressed the rpms will just jump up like 500 more. Not downshifting either... kinda annoying.

Another thing I noticed is that it likes to stay in 2nd a bit more before it shifts into 3rd. The 1-2 shift does come quicker though.

Also the 2-3 shift doesn't even feel much firmer than before. I left out the spring and drilled to the mild secs. Doesn't feel much fifferent than before. Is that normal?

Anyways, just really wanted some of those things to go away, oh well, at least I got a nice 1-2!

Don't get me wrong, I do love the mod!!


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I understand about the 2-3 shift. Mine seems to take much longer to occur at very moderate throttle levels. It does shift firmer than it used to between 2-3, it just takes longer. If you drive it very conservatively, the 1-2 shift is very firm (too firm for me for easy throttle) the 2-3 shift is firm....just about as it should be (to me) and the 3-4 shift can be felt...meaning it's not slipping as much as it used to.

I don't have any springs in the 1-2 accumulator. I like the shift feel under hard acceleration, but while easy going, it's too firm for my tastes. It jerks you in the seat.

Overall, I like the mod also, I just wish I had enough knowledge to tweak a little further. I'd like to know how to make the 1-2 shift softer at easy throttle settings, but still retain the stiffness at higher throttle settings. Would installing the bottom spring back in the 1-2 accumulator accomplish this?

My car also shifts from 1 to 2 at about 4700 versus 5200 where it used to (at wide open throttle). I'd like to know how to get that back (aside from reprogramming the shift points via the chip).

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the modification. I'm certainly happy with the price and the ease of doing it myself. I had several days to get it done and the tranny was out of the car at waist level.

Guess my next mod will be a chip...but the wife is going to question why I need it, especially after spending $1700 to rebuild my engine........
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