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Some buddies and I took a trip down to Rogersville, MO. I ran the bird 6 times. This is the first time I have ever ran my car with the stall and stickies so it was a bit of a learning experience.

Run 1: Got out there and did my burn out. Foot brake to 2k and mashed the pedal. The car spun a little and did some wheel hop. Then I wasn't quite sure where the finish was and I think I hit my brakes at the 1000 ft mark (don't worry, I wasn't the only one...LOL) This is an old track and the finish isn't marked too well. 13.7 @ 78

Run 2: Same thing only I ran the whole 1/4...LOL still had my wheel hop and I knew then it was time for adjustments. 13.4 @ 101

I went back and took 2 lbs out of my tires and added pressure to my air bags that are installed inside of my rear springs. These are very important for how my car launches I found out! For everyday driving, 12 lbs is fine in them but NOT for the track. I added air to them until I had 20 psi in each bag.

Run 3: 2k foot brake and that sucker came out of the hole perfect with a good launch. Ran a 13.1 @ 105 and a 1.84 60ft

Run 4: Got the car dialed in now so I'm going for a harder launch. 2400 foot brake and the big bird came out of the hole with a purpose. 13.01 @ 106.5 1.79 60ft. Okay, I'm ready to get the 12 sec pass I was after!

Run 5: 2700 foot brake. Wheel hop came back 13.6 I thought maybe I just over powered the launch that time.

Run 6: Foot brake back down to 2500. Wheel hop again 13.4 and I had to pack it in for the night.

So now I'm like WTF! Well to get to the point, I need to keep a closer eye on my air bags in the back the next time I hit the track. So after I got back to the pit and swapped street tires back on, I checked the pressure in my air bags. They were back down to 12 psi where I started the night. That is why my wheel hop came back on the last two runs. I'm pretty sure that the hard launch I had on run 4 probably pushed some air out when it squatted really hard.

There is no doubt that my car could have broke 12's if I had my bags aired up to what they needed to be along with a heavy foot brake.

My best time slip looked like this:

60 ft: 1.79
330 ft: 5.34
1/8: 8.36 @ 81.3
1/4: 13.01 @ 106.5

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Nice job.

What are your mods?

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Thanks guys!

Mods are:
Rebuilt engine
Stock PI heads and cams (heads shaved. 020")
About 11.1 compression
Bolt ons
3800 Dirty Dog
Zex 50 shot

I would run a bigger shot but my car is currently tuned for max N/A performance.
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