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Well my car was vibrating harsh through the steering wheel so the mechanic looked at it ans then had the firestone rep look at it. The front two and the rear have tread seperating on them that causeed the blowouts in the Exploer but since it wa made in 1996 the warranty on them is no good and they might not be covered under the recall. SO the factory tires 24,000 miles need to be replaced someday if the rotation of the front and rear tires do not smooth out my ride.... Any suggestions? this sux just put new 80,00 miles on my 97 Cougar XR7 30th Anniversary before she got totalled and only one maybe two are really salvageable so I had to take that loss in the ***. An since those are 16s and these are 15' the one good one won;t evem work. ANy suggestions on fat tires or a better setup when need them replaced???
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