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MODS: If this is unacceptable please delete and email me. I will renter all of the info into the forsale forum.

I wanted to give dibs to my fellow chapter members. I am no longer going to modify mn12's. I am going to sell almost everthing I have been collecting since 2001.

Basically what i am keeping is the motor and harnesses out of my cougar. It is going into my new mud truck.

But I have alot of wanted parts that are in great shape.

Since this isnt the forsale forum. I will give you a short list. If you are interested in anything PM me or email me at [email protected]

Complete 89-93 Black Interior
New* 96-97 door handles and lock kit
Complete set of GFX from a 94 Tbird with rear bumper
Rebuilt M5R2 trans.
Short Throw Shifter
Tokico Struts & Shock for SC's
96 Front bumper
SC Rear Sway Bar
TL Pumpkin 2:73 ratio
SC Tan Leather seats with Fold down rears.

And the list goes on.
I would like most of it picked up instead of shipping. And I am willing to drive to meet people.
You need it I prolly have it.
I know that SC and thunderbird parts are hard to find around here.
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