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replaced the OEM 130amp alternator on my 3.8L '96. Rather interestingly, a new Remy at RockAuto was about $100 - same as a reman unit.
OEM alternator lasted 174K (20.5 years) - but charging voltage was dropping - I have a voltage indicator plugged into a supplemental power strip and routinely check voltage during start and driving. I suspect it was going for a while and took out a five-year old battery this summer. Be sure to check out the Costco Interstate group 58 battery - 41-month total warranty - not prorated. Just return in with in 41 months to replace (keep your receipt)
Wasn't a big deal to replace the alternator, except for a small OEM spacer bushing in the front pivot (lower) bolt bracket - had never seen that before. Took a minute to figure out what it was. Just wiggle the alternator back and forth and the alternator comes out as you would expect, leaving the bushing behind to be reused.
The wiring harness connector (the clip that holds the wiring to the back of the alternator) broke off during removal. It's one of those push-in types. Nomenclature is push-pin or fir-tree connector clip (for 1/4" hole).
Here's a tip - the wiring harness has three connectors - is a bolt lug for the main power output, and two snap connectors (field coils, etc.) Use a small screw driver to raise the snap clips to remove the connectors so as not to break off the snap clips - easy to due considering their age.
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