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flashing headlights

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The headlights starts flashing when the engine has warmed up, this is independent of the automatic daylight switch.
When the headlight go off, the LED of the automatic daylight switch go on (while the switch is turned off).
I own a '92 Thunderbird 5.0 LX.
I have a Chilton's repair manual but the electrical diagrams are not sufficient.
In the Netherlands it's quite difficult to get any information on these cars, please anyone help !
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Sounds a bit like some ground piece glitch...

Start to check all the wires from the headlights to see if they're grounded allright...
Then go to check the same thing with the switch and the day light running relay...

If you've got an alarm in it and that's hooked up to your
headlights (to start flashing them when someone tries to break in) that could
be the problem as well...

Can't help you more unfortunately 'cause I haven't got the daylight running relay
myself... It's "just" to follow the cables...:)
Funny guy huh.... :)

/Per Ardne
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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