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I need a flex plate to fit a Marautor torgue converter with a 10 1/2" bolt circle & a 164 tooth ring gear, from a 4R70W.

I need it to bolt to a 351W with a 28oz. imbalance.

Any ideas??


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The only place I know that can do this is.
Hines Industries
793 Airport Blvd.
Ann Arbor,MI 48108

You will need to send them the original flexplate off of your vehicle and a markVIII flexplate.

I thought I already told you this a few times......

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What diameter converter does the 01 explorer use? I was just wondering if the flex plate off a 302 explorer with a 4R70W might be an option. I think the 5.0 is a 28oz imbalance
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