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Flushing the liquid line and the evaporator

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Hi again,
When flushing out the liquid line, should there be resistance? I put some air pressure to either end and it seemed to have something inside and was restricting the flow. I thought it was as straight through hose. Is there a filter in there?

On the evaporator, am I correct that you reverse flush it from the liquid line connection through the evaporator and out the line to the accumulator?

I am flushing it with denatured alcohol @ 50psi into a bucket to see if there are any fragments. I figured I had better flush the two remaining parts I did not replace, just in case. When I flushed the liquid line, a few very small pieces of something did come out, but only once.

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The orifice tube, you shouldn’t flush that line with it still in it
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Usually, there's a ton of crap behind it.
Well, I did some digging in my service manual because I looked everywhere for the orifice on my car and I could not find it. It is built INTO THE Liquid line that goes to the evaporator. They have a section in the manual that tells you how to "cut it out" and replace it with a coupling. Geez, I should have just ordered the dang part for $20. AARRRGGHH!!!! MORE WAITING FOR PARTS...
In thinking more about this, I don't need to flush the evaporator since the liquid line has a filter to catch any small particles. It is recommended to replace the liquid line if the orifice is used. I could not believe the repair kit (coupling) was the same price as the liquid line itself. And shipping is the same price as either part! On top of it all, I will have to wait until next Wednesday to get the part from RockAuto.

Sorry, just venting. Pissed at myself that I did not realize the liquid line should have been replaced from the start. I thought it was just a straight A/C line. AARRRGGHHH!!!!!
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